2023 Art In Public Places

One of the wonderful things about where I live is the support for the local art community. Of the many opportunities given to the local artists, one of them is a thing called Art in Public Places. This year, I have 9 pieces that will be up in various businesses/locations and for sale in Stanwood and on Camano Island.

Here are the pieces and the locations where they can be seen and purchased.

“Woody’s Diner” – Watercolor
$190.00 – Sold!
SAAL Brewing Co., Stanwood, WA

Woody’s Diner

Fly Away Home – Oil
SAAL Brewing Co., Stanwood, WA

“Reflections” – Oil
Rockaway Bar & Grill, Camano Island, WA


“Out of Afrika” – Graphite
WA Federal Bank, Stanwood, WA

Out of Afrika

“Dreamtime” – Oil
Stanwood Hearing, Stanwood, WA


“Of Ladies & Dragons” – Watercolor
Rockaway Bar & Grill, Camano Island, WA

Of Ladies and Dragons

“Raven’s Call” – Graphite & Mica
Heritage Bank, Camano Island, WA

Raven’s Call

“Heron Moon” – Graphite & Mica
Heritage Bank, Stanwood, WA

Heron Moon

After seeing a few photos of barn owls stretching their wings, I started to realize with their unusual facial features, combined with the wing in front of their face that they looked like a Phantom or Secret Agent.  So, I sat down at the drawing table and began.  The shadows in his face just seemed to fill in on their own giving him the more Phantom quality.  Hence he became “Phantom”.

Elephant Eye – Graphite & Watercolor
Edward Jones, Stanwood, WA

Elephant Eye

Irises – Oil
SCAF – Stanwood, WA