Studio Upgrade Part 3

More work done. Things are finding places to call home. Comfy chairs got swapped and couple of rugs got thrown down. Figured they won’t turn into cat tunnels and battle hills as often in here. Hey! I’m going with that theory. At least for now.

So, the little sitting are before you to into the actual studio area. Oh wait! This is before I swapped the chairs.

And the inspections have begun!.

Found a really cool rug at the thrift store. I figured its a lot prettier than the drop cloth motif I have going. Think I am going to keep my eyes out for more of them. If I spill paint or stuff on them, I can just get rid of them.

Studio Upgrade!

Costco was having a sale on some storage shelves and I decided it would be a good idea to get a couple of them and get the studio more organized. They were supposed to be delivered on my weekend, but it appears that the 85 degree weather was too much for their driver’s to handle, so they waited till I was back to work before they “dropped the load”.

I came home at 9 at night to find them literally dumped in front of my garage door.

I think they just rolled them off the truck and onto the ground because both of the boxes, the tape was busted on and one of them the hardware package had been broken open and I had to collect all the pieces.

Two 115 lb. boxes that I had to move at 9 at night in order to get my car parked and them out of street view.

I tried to complain to UPS, but that got me about 50 ways of nowhere. I called Costco to see if they had a better number, which they did, and then they made my day by giving me a $50 credit for what had happened. It wasn’t their fault, but I give them a round of applause for making sure a customer is happy.

I did call the UPS number and they told me it was a fill in driver and something would be said. But, I doubt anything will be done on that front. But, I have my shelves!!

Lucifer’s Kiss

I went out with the Roaming Artists to paint at a nearby Master’s Garden. For any who don’t know what that is, it is a community garden that is run by the Master Gardeners of the area. So, it is a treat to spend time in one of their gardens as it is full of interesting plants, flowers, herbs, trees.

I did a painting while I was there, but I wasn’t too happy with it. I also took a lot of pictures. There was one plant in particular that caught my eye because of the stunning streams of intense red flowers. The plant is called crocosmia and the variety that has the red flowers is called Lucifer. And since there were tons of hummingbirds roaming around the garden and this flowering plant, I thought one deserved to be included even though I couldn’t catch one with my camera.

So, what other name could possibly fit this painting?

Studio Upgrade Part 2

I really should have take pictures as I began putting the shelves together, but I got in a bit of a frenzy, and forgot. So, here’s how it looked at the end of the first day.

I know. Still quite a bit of a mess. But, things are coming up off the floor and out of the bins and such.

The challenge is trying to figure out where to put everything.

And . . . . the actual working areas are starting to get cleared.

And the thieves are on the prowl! I found a box with a hank of my daughter’s hair that she had taken from past her butt to her shoulders in one snip. I only turned my gaze for a split second and Sasha was off like a bolt of lightening with it. I did recover it before she could free it from the net it was in. Studio helpers, they are such a joy!