White Poppies

I came across a piece of art online of some flowers done on black paper. I’ve tried working on black paper with watercolor and only gotten muted results. But, when I looked the piece of artwork up, it said that she had done it using gouache. So, I gave it another try and I think I am in love with this process! This is my first gouache on black paper. There will definitely be more to come!


Watching from the Sidelines

I have held off on posting this painting. It was originally done at the request of someone that had purchased one of my other paintings. He wanted a painting of wood ducks and gave me a couple of rather bad reference photos. Basically told me just wanted it landscape and would leave the rest to my artistic style. Long story short, when I showed him the final result, he picked at it. “I wanted them in the water (uhm, they are) and further away from the edge. Uhmmm, I like them there and what happened to artist choice?

At any rate, lesson learned. No more commissions. Not worth it. I still like the painting and it deserves to be seen.

So I present “Watching From the Sidelines”