PiderWitch Creations

My paintings are a testament to my unending journey to immerse myself in my art to the greatest depths possible.  From my nature studies to the still life paintings, to the more obscure explorations, I am unfolding and recreating myself at every turn.  I am primarily a self taught artist, with the exception of working with a handful of teachers along the way as well as engaging many other means of expanding her knowledge, from videos, to books to working with other artists, always open to new ideas and ways of doing things.  My trademark is a spider, a creature that constantly recreates its environment as well as itself.  Just as I do with my art.

Oil Paintings

As for my mediums, I am enjoying exploring many of them.  I am a photographer and often use my photos for inspiration for my art. I believe at this point, watercolor is my strongest medium.  But, that is because I currently have more experience with it.  I am also trying my hand with acrylics and have recently taken up oils, which I am rapidly falling in love with.  I don’t think I will wind up using a single medium.  They are all so different and each calls to me in a different way.  I feel I shall spend my life following the passions and seductions of each.



Drawing, I believe, is an essential part in becoming a better artist. I have found that the more I hone my drawing skills, the better my paintings become. So, I study, I practice and I sharpen these skills. Picasso once said, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Advice I am following!

I have no idea how far this love affair will take me.  I don’t know if it will line my pockets or not.  I know that it feeds my soul at a level that no other pursuit has.  And that is enough to keep me chasing it’s songs to the end.  Oh!  My logo.  Spiders are creators.  They also rebirth themselves, shed their skins and can get into any place they want to (you can’t keep spiders out) But, they are creators.  They are magical.  Just ask Charlotte.  She was one of my favorite stories as a child and is still so as an adult.