At The Pond’s Edge – Watercolor

I really like the way this one turned out. It’s smaller than many of the paintings I do. It’s only 8 X 8. But, I think it’s kind of a perfect size for it.

And . . . . . Drum Roll! I scanned it with my brand new scanner, so it actually looks like the painting. And it’s a high quality scan, so I can later use it for cards or other things. I am moving up in the world.

“Wild Hearts Can’t Be Tamed”

New sketch I did over the last couple of days. Had to think a little bit about the name for it till I thought of the song by Pink. I think it fits this majestic creature perfectly.

And the new scanner I now have is a dream to use. That, combined with my photo software stitched the scanned halves of the drawing perfectly!

So, here’s “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Tamed”