2021 Art In Public Places

One of the wonderful things about where I live is the support for the local art community. Of the many opportunities given to the local artists, one of them is a thing called Art in Public Places. This year, I have 7 pieces that will be up in various businesses/locations and for sale in Stanwood and on Camano Island.

Here are the pieces and the locations where they can be seen and purchased.

“Solitude” – Watercolor

A gentle stream laying still between the banks of a dreamscape forest.  A spattering of flowers to give notice of the entrance of Spring.  Its a scene one can imagine resting gently against one of the aging trees and just dreaming the day away.  Was what my father’s concept of fishing was.  You throw a line in and just sit back and let the day drift along in quiet solitude.  If you bring back a fish or two, good.  But, its just as good if all you bring back is a sense of calm and the smell of the trees.

“Solitude” is at Coastal Community Bank at 9810 Wa 532 in Stanwood

“Cabin in the Trees” – Watercolor

I was playing with the shadows in the trees around a cabin and felt the warmth of the little house, set away from the rest of the world.  It doesn’t have to be far from others, for the trees offer it protection and isolation without creating barriers for the wildlife.  Just a small little place to call one’s own that the outside world cannot touch.  

“Cabin in the Trees” is at Bank of America at 26929 102nd Ave. NW in Stanwood

“In the Gloaming” – Watercolor

When the dark shadows of the approaching night seep across the land, it is called the gloaming.  Well, its also called dusk, but gloaming is so much more poetic.  The Sunflower, even in the dying shadows of the day, still shines forth, the last harbinger of light and life.  It is no wonder these giant, glorious blooms are so loved by artists.  For they can set the fields alight even in the darkest hours.

“In the Gloaming” is at Edward Jones Financial at 848 N. Sunrise Blvd. Camano Island

“Forest Stump” – Watercolor

I’ve always loved tree stumps.  And one of the amazing things about living in the Pacific Northwest is how nature so quickly reclaims everything.  We have nurse trees and plants growing out of the sides of stumps and even the cement in the city.  This one was recently cut, as it had not yet become the host to a new tree or bush and the rest of it lay off to the side.  It appeared it had been cut because it was a blow down by the looks of the rest of the tree.  Enough of the bark clinging to the heart of the tree gave it a lot of character, I thought.

“Forest Stump” is hanging at Heritage Bank in Stanwood, Wa. at 23617 72nd Ave. NW

“Swan Dance” – Acrylic on Canvas Board

This is the only acrylic I have chosen for this group. Alas, I don’t seem to have a picture of it in the frame and there isn’t much I can do about it unless it comes back home.
Swans mate for life and they show a great deal of tender affection towards their families. They’re rather mean to everyone else. They come into the Puget Sound every year around the same time as the snow geese come in. The snow geese all come in in a massive explosion. The swans seem to travel in family, or extended family units. I always thought this painting would be a nice painting for newlyweds.

“Swan Dance” is at Heritage Bank on Camano Island at 165 McElroy Dr.

“Day Tripping” – Watercolor

Day Tripping

I love elephants.  I love painting them.  Alas, I do not live where elephants live, so I must use reference photos for my elephants.  I’m not sure why I never paint them in the grays of their true color.  I think I just see them as being creatures of great colors and so when I start to paint them, the colors beckon my brushes and my elephants become walking rainbows.  Maybe I am painting their spirits.  I’m not real sure, but I have a feeling that they would approve. 

“Day Tripping” is a family of these majestic creatures embarking on a small family holiday. It can be seen and is for sale for $245.00 at Everett Clinic at 7205 265th St NW, Stanwood, WA 98292

“Phantom” – Watercolor


After seeing a few photos of barn owls stretching their wings, I started to realize with their unusual facial features, combined with the wing in front of their face that they looked like a Phantom or Secret Agent.  So, I sat down at the drawing table and began.  The shadows in his face just seemed to fill in on their own giving him the more Phantom quality.  Hence he became “Phantom”.

“Phantom” can be seen and is for sale for $195.00 at the Camano Island Country Club at 1243 Beach Dr., Camano Island